William T. Spears
Will RulesAndRegulations
Classification Reaper
Weapon Tree Clippers (Reaper Scythe)
Player Grell Sutcliff
Status Active
Origin Black Butler

A Reaper who works for the Reapers Staffing Association , William is often the Reaper responsible for keeping an eye on Grell Sutcliff. His character originates from Black Butler, and like his original counterpart he too keeps to his duties and the rules entailed. Because of his adherance to the rules, he is often sent to deal with Grell Sutcliff whenever a rule or code of conduct is broken. Though he is stoic and stern, William is actually quite lenient on Grell and abstains from reporting his more serious offenses.


William has not been a part of any fight as of yet in BLN. It can be assumed he has the abilities of a Reaper, such as improved jumping height, higher stamina, a minor healing factor, and no required need of breathing or eating. As with any Reaper, William can be killed by any divine creature or weapon and, should the wounds be serious enough, cease existing.

Because his job requires it, William often utilizes the 'Dark Aether' to preform his duties of reaping cinematic records.


Stoic and straight-laced, William is not to be trifled with when it comes to his job. He reaps souls set to die without mercy and does not allow emotions to interfere with his job. Given his emotional detatchment, William comes off as unapproachable and uncaring.

William does show moments of tolerance, often when dealing with Grell and the circumstances surrounding his tentative standing with the RSA.