The Vongola Rings are a set of 7 Rings given to the successors of the 10th Vongola Family.

Along with these rings come the power of the Vongola, or the "Dying Will Flame". Each ring

is it's own attribute, and as such, carries a unique flame assigned to that ring. Each flame

carries a special property that makes that flame stand out to the rest, and, while some

flames can be considered better than others, they all excel in their own way. The Flame

itself does not come from the ring however. It comes from the person holding the ring.

Each person is said to hold a specific "Flame Wave" throughout their body, and with

the assistance of a ring, can bring out the power of that flame and use it in whichever way

is suited for the Flame.

Vongola Rings Complete

The Ring of Sky:Edit

The Ring of Sky is the most unique of all the Rings, holding the very rare Sky attribute.

Only a few people are said to have this Flame Wave running through their body, and as such

are generally treated with more respect then people with other attribute Flames. The Sky

Flame holds the unique property of Harmonization. If focused enough, this flame is able to Petrify anything the

flame comes into contact with. The color of the Sky Flame is a light orange color, looking like any ordinary

flame. The role of the Sky being: "Rain, Storm, Cloud, Sun, Mist, and Thunder, he influences all of them. He

understands and accepts all of them."

Dying Will Flames

Dying Will Flames

The Ring of Storm:Edit

The Ring of Storm is usually given out to someone who is

really close to the holder of the Sky Ring, that person being

willing to protect the Sky with everything hes got. The

special property of the Storm ring is Disintegration, being

able to pierce through nearly anything it comes into contact

with. The color of the Storm flame is a light red color, turning

into a dark red color on the outside. The role of the Storm

Guardian is "To be Continuously at the heart of the attack, the furious Storm that never rests."

The Ring of Rain:Edit

The Ring of Rain is given out to one who can get along with the rest of the family quite well,

and is usually seen as the most capable to protect the family from outside conflict. The special property belonging

to the Rain Flame is Tranquility, being able to slow and essentially stop enemy movements, if they come in

contact with this flame. The color of the Rain Flame is a light blue color. The role of the Rain Guardian is: "To

become a blessed shower that settles conflict and washes everything away."

The Ring of Thunder:Edit

The Ring of Thunder is given out to one capable of stopping all harm to the family, while

delivering it back just as quickly, this person also being able to get along with a

majority of the family. The special property of the Thunder Flame is the power to Solidify.

Allowing the user to harden any object they can get their hands on, making up to 100 times

stronger than any other normal object. The color of the Flame of Thunder is a light green

color, the flame looking more like sparks than an actual flame. The role of the Thunder

Guardian is: "To draw damage to himself/herself and away from the rest of the Family,

serving as a lightning rod."

The Ring of Sun:Edit

The Ring of Sun is given to one who can effectively fight without weapons, being one to get

along with the family. The Sun Flame has the special property of Activation. these Flames

can stimulate muscles and joints, therefore increasing the user's body functions drastically

The color of the Sun Flame being a whitish core, having layers of yellow on the outside. The

role of the Sun Guardian is:"Destroying the misfortune that attacks the Family with their

own body, they become the Sun that brightly shines upon an area."

The Ring of Cloud:Edit

The Ring of Cloud usually is given to one who does not socialized with the rest of the Family

willingly, but can be there and protect the family when needed. The special property of

the Cloud Flame being Propagation, allowing one to increase the size or multiply any object

the Flame holder can get their hands on. Having no real limits to this property, Cloud is

considered one of the better of the Flames. The color of the Cloud flame being a dark purple

color. The role of the Cloud Guardian is: "To be the aloof, drifting Cloud that protects the

Family from an independent standpoint, and whom nothing can ever bind".

The Ring of Mist:Edit

The Ring of Mist being given to one who can keep the Family protected, keeping all enemies from finding out their

true form by using Magic and Illusions, also getting along with the family. The Special property of the Mist Flame

being Construction or Materialization, being able to intensify the power of any Illusion or Magic

ability. The color of the Mist Flame is a whitish color on the inside, with Indigo covering

the outside of the Flame. The role of the Mist Guardian is: "Creating something from

nothing, and nothing from something; thus bewildering the enemy, to render the Family's

true form intangible with visions of deceit."

Vongola Half Rings:Edit

The Vongola Half Rings are a powerless version of the full form of the Vongola Rings, by

being split into two halves. As half rings, the Vongola Rings hold no power whatsoever, and

are generally useless unless put together with the other half of the ring. As powerless

as the half rings are, the holders of these rings were people chosen to succeed the

previous Vongola family, and the rings are only split in half, if there are more than

one candidate for each ring.

Holders of the Vongola Rings:Edit

Ring of Sky: ???

Ring of Storm: Sasuun Vongola

Ring of Rain: ???

Ring of Thunder: Judith

Ring of Sun: Deadpony

Ring of Cloud: ???

Ring of Mist: Xion