Grell Butler TheOrderWillBeMostDispleased!

Two members of the ODO, panicking as usual.

More an organization than a definitive character, the Order of Dimensional Overseers are a group of strange mist-like beings with incredible power tasked with keeping order between the dimensions. While they are formless among one another, in the presence of anyone in BLN, they quickly take the form easily recognizable as Alton Sutcliff.

Based upon the use of Grell Sutcliff's butler form in the Black Butler OVA "Ciel in Wonderland" as well as the offbeat humor of bureaucratic ineffiency from the book series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Can be summoned by asking a mouse, supposedly.


Their full ability scope is currently unknown. The ODO has demonstrated the abilities of teleportation both on themselves and on other people, as evidenced when relocating the BLN household back to their proper dimension following a battle in a different one.


The ODO members resemble one another in both appearance and personality. They all react with panic and worry when something is out of place or wrong, and when dealing with dimension habitants they often treat them with calm respect.


  • Created as a joke organization by the player Grell Sutcliff.
  • Fleshed out later on to have been accidentially created by Alton Sutcliff while studying the properties of the energy created at dimensional rips.
  • Tasked with keeping the universe from falling apart from the interceding dimensional tears and rips to other multiverses and worlds.
  • Also are acutely aware of the 4th Wall, and often show up to discourage acknowledgement of it IC.