Teddy Ursavelt
Teddiursa Profile
Classification Pokemon
Weapon Claws
Player MadCrona
Status Active
Origin Pokemon

A Normal-Type Little Bear Pokemon from the Pokemon series. Teddy is one of Crona's Pokemon, and lives a relatively peaceful life as his pet, though he does occasionally enter battle himself. He is at Level 40 with a Brave Nature, and has the Pickup ability.


Teddy's moveset typically relies on his claws and his speed, hitting his opponent as fast as possible and as many times as possible. As such, most of his moves are from his normal learnset, save for one or two TM moves.

The biggest exception to this is his ability to use the move Metronome, allowing Teddy to use any move from the Pokemon universe at random. Due to being raised in the Hoenn region, his previous trainer was able to teach him the move via a Move Tutor, and Teddy only uses it when all other options are exhausted.


As expected of his species, Teddy can be more than a bit childish. Despite being a higher level than necessary to evolve, he still has a tendency to act spoiled and greedy, in particular when food is involved. However, he does genuinely care about those he has developed relationships with, calling Crona his "daddy" after falling under his care.

Due to his Brave Nature, Teddy also has a tendency to pick fights easily. If he feels that someone has insulted him in some way, he won't stop attacking them until he feels he is satisfied or the fight is stopped by an outside party. This often leads to him biting off more than he can chew when facing an opponent clearly stronger than him.


Teddy was born in the Safari Zone of the Hoenn region. At a young age, he accidentally swallowed an Everstone, preventing him from ever being able to evolve.

He was captured at level 34 by an unnamed trainer and trained under him for a very short time. Soon after reaching level 40, his Pokeball fell through a dimensional rift, where in landed in the forest near the Wayne Mansion.