Classification Special Infected
Weapon Punching, throwing concrete slabs, punching heavy objects
Player Jo of the Toast
Status Discontinued - Single Use Character
Origin Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2


"The Tank" is originally from a game called Left 4 Dead and is also featured in it's sequel Left 4 Dead 2. The Tank is a Special Infected of huge proportions, and it is the most powerful among the Infected in the game. The Tank is an exclusively male Special Infected who has experienced the most extensive physical mutations of any other class of Special Infected. The most obvious trait is its extreme hypertrophy, or abnormally increased muscle mass. It can be assumed its bones have become stronger too otherwise the Tank's skeleton would have collapsed under the weight of its own body. Despite its enormous bulk, the Tank is incredibly fast and agile, able to keep up with even a healthy Survivor. This abnormal muscular growth is most obvious in its arms and upper body and less pronounced around the Tank's waist, hips, and legs. Though the Tank's legs are capable of supporting its static weight (such as when the Tank mounts a rock throwing attack), the Tank's disproportionate anatomy forces it to knuckle-walk like a gorilla, resulting in the Tank's wrists becoming swollen. The Tank's body is covered with numerous scars and lesions from previous fights, with an especially large open sore on its left pectoral. The Tank's jaw at first glance seems to be missing, but upon closer inspection it is shown to be enveloped within its thick neck muscles. The Tank has also suffered either heavy brain damage or a rabies-like cerebral infection, resulting in the Tank being in a constant state of unbridled rage, even more so than most other Infected, and its response is to attack any human survivor on sight. Once the Tank has fixed a target, nothing short of death can stop him; bullets and explosives will not make him flinch, fire only slows him down. The Tank will even smash down doors, knock away obstacles, and plow through entire crowds of Infected just to bare down on an unlucky Survivor it has chosen as a target.

First and Only AppearanceEdit

While Layton and Sparkly were in the forest The Tank sprung out and attacked them. After a battle between Layton, his persona, and a few others at the mansion The Tank fled back into the forest seemingly disturbed by the light. While the others did not give chase, where-wolf Luna chased it deep into the woods and killed it. When Where-wolf Luna left the body to rot Anna Sanctimonia appeared, dissolved the body, and consumed him. Later it is revealed by Captain Andurs that he had interacted with this Tank before and the only thing he had to do to prevent being killed by the being was shine a light in it's face. He also referred to the being as "Tanky" apparently knowing what this type of Special Infected was normally referred to.