TYL Hibari Kyoya
Your an Interesting One
Classification Human
Weapon Cloud Tonfas
Player Sasuun
Status Inactive
Origin Katekyo Hitman REBORN!!
Hibari Kyoya Ten years into the future. He will occasionally take the place of present Hibari with the assistance of the Ten Year Bazooka.


Unlike his present self, TYL Hibari is alot more sociable and can get along quite well with everyone at the mansion. He still has his hate for Crowds and being Restrained, and still loves fighting above all else. TYL Hibari acts very protective of the current guardians, and wants to keep them safe, in hope that he will be able to have a fight with each one, once they master the abilities and properties of their flame.


TYL Hibari is much more skilled in combat than present Hibari, and can nearly take on the entire 11th generation family in present time. He has learned advanced methods of using flames, including creating armor to avoid being hit, and somewhat communicating with other holders of Vongola Rings by sending flames waves by resonating his ring.


Next to nothing is known about TYL Hibaris history, except for what is already known about present Hibari.