Bwob love
Classification Bwob
Weapon Two Mini Gatling Guns
Player Jo of the Toast
Status Inactive
Origin Ponychan meme

Shiki is one of the many "Bwobs" that Trixie Clone Number 8 can summon to her aid whenever she wishes. This particualr Bwob however has decided to not return to the realm they are summond from and has instead decided to live with Professor Layton and Princess Sparkly Cuddler as their pet.


Shiki first joined during an incident with Trixie Clone Number 8 attempting to duplicate the number of Bwobs she currently had summond while in her human form. Before Number 5 showed up to clean the mess this particular bwob managed to squeeze into the guest room belonging to Layton and Sparkly. After most of the other bwobs had either fled or hidden themselves in the mansion this Bwob was discovered by Sparkly. After living with Layton and Sparkly for a few days they decided to keep her around and name her Shiki. Currently Shiki spends most of her time sleeping in Sparklys mane or wondering around her room. While most Bwobs are just adorable one time creatures Shiki is an unusual case. Since she has been kept away from the Bwob realm from which she was summoned and shown love and care by both Layton and Sparkly she has grown her own personality.


Shiki is a loving and very curious little Trixie Bwob. To simplify, Shiki has the mindset of a four year old child in the way she interacts and speaks with others.