This article is about the character. For the player, see Medusa Gorgon (Player).
Medusa Gorgon
Medusa Gorgon Profile
Classification Witch
Weapon Vectors
Player Medusa Gorgon
Status Active
Origin Soul Eater

Medusa is a witch who specializes in snakes, and uses them in the form of vectors in and out of combat.

As one of the first resident of the Phantomhive Mansion, she is an enemy to almost all residents of the Wayne Mansion


Borealis GorgonEdit

The daughter of Medusa, Medusa occasionally conducts experiments on Borealis, mostly on the black blood she has injected into Borealis' body. Due to the apparent failure on parenting Crona, she tries her best to become a normal parent to Borealis.

Grell SutcliffEdit

The "husband" of Grell. Though first was only a plan to have an offspring (Borealis Gorgon) with him due to his special, and powerful attribute as a reaper, Medusa later fell in love with him due to his violent nature and the common hatred on Crona. Though later she abandoned her life from Grell and the Phantomhive Mansion due to Grell's lack of interest in having a relationship with her, and constantly flirting with others, even in her presence.