Fly away now~♪
Classification Unicorn
Weapon Several Beam Katanas, Tsubaki-III being her favorite.
Player Doktor Patches
Status Active
Origin MLP:FiM


At first glance, Margaret could be mistaken for just a regular girl. She has a love for fashion, wearing clothes more often then the average pony; especially Gothic Lolita outfits. She loves sweets and candies. She loves singing and listening to all types of music. Just a regular girl...

But, when a fight begins she shows her true colors as a assassin. She is always excited to fight strong opponents and will be disappointed in weak ones. She is also rather rude, vicious, yet playful in combat, taunting her opponents before slashing them to pieces with one of her trusty beam katanas.

But a girl is not without her faults. She is extremely prideful to say the least, never admitting her faults even when they are blatantly (or Laytonly.... hehe) obvious. She is insecure about her appearance, especially her weight; calling her fat is a total death wish.


Being undead, Margaret possesses a few abilities that a normal pony wouldn't. First off and most obvious, she can remove her head and levitate it with magic. She also does not bleed and she can survive injuries that would be fatal to a living being, but this does not make her immortal; you just have to try real hard to kill her.

Her other talent, is her use of beam katanas. Basically they are like regular swords, but with a much stronger cutting power and no weight on the blade. This makes them slightly more difficult to use and handle safely, plus makes her not use to handling any other weapon.