Ice Cream Man
Classification Human
Weapon Ice Cream
Player Grell Sutcliff
Status Active
Origin Codename: Kids Next Door

A mysterious individual who drives the local ice cream truck.

The Ice Cream Man visits the Wayne Estate on weekends looking for an entertaining fight. Upon defeat, he offers ice cream at cheap prices to anyone present. While he has no established motives aside looking for something fun to do, the Ice Cream Man did not show to actively initiate a fight, but participated in one regardless.

Based upon the adult form of the character Nigel Uno from the cartoon series Codename: Kids Next Door. Whether or not this is the same individual has not been revealed thus far.


Thusfar, the Ice Cream Man has demonstrated prowess in driving his truck, and utilizes mounted weaponry to

The Ice Cream Man's truck.

deliver frozen dairy artillery to any target, usually to immobilize.

His truck has been shown capapble of firing a variety of ice cream through a mounted gun, disguised as a decorative ice cream cone atop the truck. This gun has been shown to fire frozen pellets of ice cream and solid streams of soft serve. The truck is also shown to be able to fly, its tires substituting for rockets.

Any physical ability the Ice Cream Man may have has not been revealed.


The Ice Cream Man actively seeks challenge and actively participates in fights for the sake of feeling young again. While he does attack, it is not in malice but rather competition, and one he takes very seriously.