Grell Sutcliff (Sutcliff)
Grell Butler ArtThouFuriousMaleSibling
Classification Human
Weapon Dagger, Chainsaw
Player Grell Sutcliff
Status Discontinued
Origin Black Butler (OC)

A result from Alt using the Tiger Talisman during his Cursed Arc. Known by his chosen name 'Sutcliff', this dominant half of Alt's personality ran amok for a few week in BLN, working under Astra Bolt for releasing him from his meeker half of his personality.


Sutcliff is human but very adept at planning his attacks and strategies for tackling enemies that may overpower him. His common tactic is to lull his targets into a false sense of security then strike, usually with his favored dagger, netting both a critical injury and the chance to finish the job.

Because Sutcliff is aware of how frail he is, he employed the assistance of the talismans to bolster his abilities, most notably the Ox, Horse, and Rabbit.

Despite how dangerous he is, Sutcliff is easily subdued if forced into an actual fight.


Being half of Alt's personality, but corrupted by his demon curse from an alternate universe's version of Sebastian Michaelis, Sutcliff is not above doing what he wants to do for the sake of personal enjoyment. He is bold and psychotic, relishing the terror he inspires prior to delivering agonizing death.

Sutcliff despises how weak the other half of his personality is and actively refused to rejoin with him on the grounds that he did not enjoy being supressed and wanted to have full control of the full being.

Given that Sutcliff is missing a few key components of his personality, he is what would be considered a textbook sociopath.


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