Doktor Patches
What a story mark
Classification Earth Pony
Weapon Bare hooves
Player Doktor Patches
Status Alive
Origin None


Due to a long childhood of neglect and the lack of friends, minus one, Patches grew a extreme case of monophobia. He can't handle being alone for extended periods of time. The only time he is alone is when he wants to clear his mind or when he is sleeping. Although he occasionally has nightmares, which leads to him sleeping alongside Margaret.

He doesn't enjoy conflict though, whenever there is a fight, he stays in the background, till things are okay again.

He is also overly emotional and has a habit of overreacting and would be considered a crybaby by some. But at the same time, he is very caring and understanding of others and their issues. He does his best to keep the residents of the mansion happy.

While it is very difficult to get him angry, when he does he doesn't think things through and rushes head long into potential problems, even going as far to rudely insult William T. Spears at one point.

Despite being serious at times, this doesn't stop him from getting involved in goofy antics of characters like Paluneta or Sparkly. One example of his goofy nature is his perchance for crossdressing, nurse outfits, maid outfits, etc. He uses the excuse that he does it to cope with his wife's death, while in reality he finds women's clothing very comfy.

Lastly, he is very humble. Being a doctor, he has saved numerous lives and he gets a lot of praise for that. But when some one does thank him, he simply states, "It's just my job, no need to thank me."


  • Doktor Patches in all his glory.