The modified DeLorean.

A time traveling vehicle discovered in a cave a few miles away from the Wayne Estate by Professor Stein.

Orginally from the film Back to the Future, this DeLorean arrived to BLN through the use of a convienent reality nexus, the same which was responsible for a few characters and objects existance thusfar.

The DeLorean is capable of time-travel and has been used for that function by Stein. No other character in BLN has used the DeLorean for such use, and as such the vehicle is used for more mundane tasks such as transporting Stein to The Town and back and serving as something to sit on while outside the mansion.


  • Brought into BLN by Grell Sutcliff
  • Was actually taken apart and put back together
  • Because of how confusing time travel is in a roleplay, its function was used only once
  • Placed in BLN because of a cameo opprotunity, but remained because it provides useful transportation