The Exterior Building of Asylum. The actual facility is directly beneath this crumbling facade.

Asylum is a secret society comprised of individuals who have a common interest in science or engineering. Thought of as a 'safe haven' for scientists, the facility is actually quite expansive and technologically advanced due to its members sharing information and knowledge with one another.

Located in the outer reaches of North District of The Town. Many members live on-site, and all have their personal laboratories for research and study.

There are currently five divisions: Biological, Chemical, Engineering, Arcane, and Medical. The facility houses an Eatery which accomodates all members and a relaxing area in its true entrance called the Atrium.

Code of ConductEdit

There are lax rules in Asylum; the only solid rule is to never unveil its existence to outsiders who are not eligible for admittance. While nothing has occurred in Better Layton Never to suggest what punishment entails for breaking this rule, the rule is held in high regard with all members.

There are also bans in effect for study in Asylum given their highly volatile nature. Experiments focusing exclusively on divine sources of power are considered too unstable for research. Any sources are conficated and locked away for safekeeping.

There is currently no definitive moral system guiding Asylum. Experimentations done by the members are sanctioned by one another and are mostly morally ambiguous in nature.

Current Known MembersEdit

A variety of characters both cameos and the BLN canon have been mentioned or seen in Asylum.

Better Layton Never Recurring CharactersEdit

Cameo AppearancesEdit

  • Vector
  • Professor Farnsworth

Mentioned MembersEdit

  • Dr. Zeius
  • Professor Oak
  • Professor Rowan
  • Dr. Wu
  • Tony Stark
  • Dexter
  • Jimmy Neutron
  • Dr. Doom