Classification Pokemon
Weapon Magic
Player MadCrona
Status Active
Origin Pokemon

A Normal-Type Hearing Pokemon from the Pokemon series. Aretha is one of Crona's Pokemon, and acts as a maid/caretaker of him and the other residents of the Wayne Mansion. She typically stays in the background and doesn't get involved with the residents' conflicts, but she does jump to their defense when necessary. As such, she often gets into battle more than her fellow Pokemon Teddy Ursavelt. Aretha is at Level 35 with the Regenerator ability, and has a Relaxed Nature.


Aretha's moveset relies very heavily on special attacks, possessing a wide variety of energy and elemental attacks which she uses in tandem with one another. She very rarely uses any physical attacks, and even when she does, it typically doesn't end well.

Besides this, her chief ability is her healing magic, giving her her primary role of "White Mage" for the mansion's residents. This is the only move she has that she learned naturally, all of her other attacks having been learned through TMs before coming to Oatville.

A unique trait she possesses is her ability to appear wherever she is needed immediately when she is needed, though how she does this is a mystery. She sometimes signals her arrival by means of a large transport truck, typically when an enemy is present.


Aretha is a very calm and polite Pokemon, showing nothing but grace and dignity to the people living in the mansion and any of their friends and visitors. She usually appears only when absolutely needed, normally to heal someone who has been injured or to defend the mansion from attackers. As such, she is usually in the background, helping Kogarashi and Alton Sutcliff with keeping the mansion itself in good shape.

On the few occasions where she isn't in the background, she has shown to be willing to assist the residents with whatever she feels they need help on. Whether she gives a friendly piece of advice, or does a simple chore for them, she thinks of everyone else's wellbeing and happiness.

Though she remains calm and cool under pressure, she is not above acting stern towards someone she feels needs a talking-to. Very rarely does she ever appear to be intimidated by an outside force, often warning them of what they are getting themselves into by facing the Wayne Mansion residents.


Aretha was originally an aide to the Pokemon Center of Nacrene City in the Unova region. It was there that she was given the many TMs that supplied her with her wide array of attacks. She served at the Center for most of her life, until a controversial incident with N caused her trainer to let her go, after which she fled into the Pinwheel Forest.

She soon stepped through a rift into Oatville, where she was captured by Crona and brought to the Wayne Mansion.